It Has Been Said...

What is said about By The Lemon Tree in the media:

Of course there are detractors too:

Around mid September, an unhappy potential guest that goes by the name of "RJS17" on Tripadvisor was sufficiently put out to say this about us:

"After communicating by Facebook with clear dates that I wanted to stay with them, we had some prompt conversations about the room arrangements that delayed my booking through airbnb. I wrote with a final question about how to book my reservation, and more than 24 hours later received a reply that "there have been some changes yesterday. We are now fully booked for the dates you requested. Apologies for the inconvenience." I consider this rather unprofessional.

Also, the issue we had that delayed the reservation confirmation was that we are two friend travelers and were requesting a room with two twin beds instead of a shared bed. When I requested, I was told "we cannot guarantee a room with twin beds", without an explanation (if a room with twin beds was available at the time I asked, why couldn't I reserve it? If it was not available, why not just say it wasn't available?) Because I had to confer with my fellow traveler about whether we were comfortable sharing a bed, I delayed making the reservation.

Overall, I guess both issues relate to the idea of "first come, first served", which this establishment doesn't seem to honor.

Stayed September 2013, travelled with friends"

RJS17 clearly did not stay By The Lemon Tree and her reaction could be dismissed as sour grapes of course. Her petulant outburst however, teaches us an important lesson. This is our home. The reason we avoid online reservations is because we want to have a dialogue with potential guests before they stay with us. Considering we pride ourselves to uphold the principles of forthrightness, we are not bound by contrived notions of political correctness. The Facebook exchange I had with RJS17 gave me reason to decline hosting her. I however made the mistake to try to spare her feelings when I should have just told her I did not want her to stay By The Lemon Tree.

On Saturday May 25th: