Inauguration of the new floor

After four months of rubble, dust, screeching drilling noises and not a few expletives, last night, Wednesday January 16th 2013, we finally inaugurated five new rooms. We're not yet done with the expletives of course but at least last night the prosecco and the oysters gave one the impression, though ever so fleetingly, that our mission was accomplished. Much remains to be done of course but what I really want to touch upon in this missive is the following:

20 magnum bottles of prosecco - thats 20 x 1.5Lt = 30lt
5 bottles of white wine
1 bottle of Hennesy XO cognac

40 guests

You do the math. In all the years I have worked in hotels I have never witnessed anything that approximates what happened last night... other than the pasta dinner three weeks ago of course, 20 guests and 30 bottles of wine along sundry limoncello, whiskeys and assorted vodkas... but that's another story. Back to last night. Of course, the presence of one or two Irish friends may have had something to do with the consumption per capita but, on the whole, considering that there were at least four people that do not drink and did not touch a drop, I find what happened last night remarkable.

What is even more surprising is that I never expected the oysters supplied by Oh! Oysters to be consumed, ney, enjoyed as they were last night. For a brief moment there, yesterday evening, with that crowd, in that setting, one could have been forgiven to think we were at a mundane reception in Paris. But we were in Amman and we were By The Lemon Tree.

The future is bright. We look forward to hosting many more fun and interesting people.

Till then.

Photos to follow shortly