Going Out, Eating Out & Room Service By The Lemon Tree

The following are suggestions for getting something to eat in our neighborhood or in Amman in general. 

Le Container is the new extension to the popular wine shop The Winemaker, home of St George Wine. Located at 129 Arar Street in Wadi Saqra, this is By The Lemon Tree's new venture. Join us for unapologetically authentic Italian and French fare served in an informal and convivial setting, surrounded by shelves of bottles of wines and spirits from around the world.  Like our breakfast, we propose no holds barred Italian and French cuisine drawn from the classical repertoire and with no compromise on ingredients along with wine at retail prices rather than restaurant prices.

Le Container was launched in December 2018 out of desperation for the virtual lack of palatable and authentic Mediterranean fare in Amman.

Email or call Guido to book and/or to arrange a courtesy transfer from/to By The Lemon Tree

In our neighborhood:

Jabel Webdeh is only recently becoming a trendy area of Amman. Since 2010 a growing expatriate community is attracting crowds of revelers and thus more restaurants, galleries, shops and sundry activities. With two rare exception however, the food offering is still at best mediocre in our neighborhood. 

For a more gastronomically stimulating experience, Jabel Amman is the place to go. But even in Jabel Amman, from the point of view of value for money, we suggest you keep it to local restaurants. This is because other than at Le Container, what are euphemistically peddled as Italian or French restaurants are nothing of the sort, but will charge eye watering amounts of money for the privilege of experiencing mediocre, uninspiring cuisine that masquerades as Mediterranean fare. You basically get hotel food. On the other hand, even if you book at Fakhreldine's which is reputedly the best and most elegant Lebanese restaurant in Amman, your average check will come to around JD35 per person giving you a very satisfying meal including a generous helping of the local tipple Arak. 

But getting back to Jabel Webdeh. Most restaurants and venues in our area have opened on either Kulliat Al Sharia street or on Bayouneah Street. Both these streets radiate north from Paris Circle – walking from By The Lemon Tree to Paris Circle, these are the two avenues that radiate to the left

For a quick bite in Webdeh we suggest

Joz Hind – eclectic Mediterranean inspired cuisine, this eatery is run by a young Italian chef married to Hind, a Jordanian pearl. This is your proverbial hole in the wall offering straight forward meals underscored by a homey and satisfying style of cuisine that is by and large influenced by Mediterranean flavors. This restaurant is located on Kulliat Al Sharia street about 100m in from Paris Circle on the right hand side just passed the French Institute.

Jasmine House is the place to go for Italian fare in Jabel Webdeh. Part art gallery, part cafe, part restaurant, the food is wholesome and prepared with skill even though, due to cultural considerations, it foregoes some of the most traditional dishes. This restaurant is located on Bayouneah street about 400m in from Paris Circle, on the right hand side.

Raqwuet Arab –this is your local sit down restaurant for Lebanese cuisine. Nothing to write home about but it will do if you just want to grab something quick before you turn in. This restaurant is located on Bayouneah Street about 50m in from ParisCircle on the right hand side.

Other than the above there is any number of snack counters including a place called Rumi that opens earlyish on Friday morning. Rumi is located on Kulliat Al Sharia about 200m in from Paris Circle adjacent to the post office on the right hand side. This is also a popular café during the afternoon and evening

For Pizza and/or takeaway we suggest

The delivery menus of the restaurants we suggest are in your room

For Pizza we suggest "Luigi's" on 4th circle. They deliver. - 06 593 1932

This is merely a suggestion of a reasonable choice of thin crust pizza based on a universe of mediocre choices

ATICO – The Fakhreldine brothers are by far the most successful Food & Beverage entrepreneurs in Jordan. Other than offering a wide choice of restaurants ranging from the best Lebanese to Sushi and Tapas, the ATICO group also deliver from all their restaurants to By The Lemon Tree. To order, skip the call center number. Just call directly the restaurant you wish to order from.

For a proper Lebanese meal in an elegant restaurant we suggest

Fakhreldine –This restaurant is located by 1st Circle, in the back streets behind the Iraq embassy

Other worthwhile Lebanese restaurants are, in no particular order: Tannourine, Sufra (no beer or wine), Bourj El Hamam, Levant

For a meal in a quirky “local” environment we suggest

Auberge – Located in the heart of downtown, in a narrow alleyway, up some dingy stairs, this is a popular venue with foreigners and locals alike. You can get local fare and a glass of beer or wine for very reasonable prices. This venue is best avoided if you are squeamish. Alternatively, just don't peer too closely at the plate of vegetable that is placed in front of you and that may be subject to seemingly independent movement occasionally...

Zorba – as above but probably more suitable for the squeamish kind. 

Both these restaurants are located roughly about 200m south of the central post office

Things to see and do in Jabel Webdeh

Darat El Funun

Just down the road from By The Lemon Tree on the way to downtown, you will come across this inspiring space arranged around a handful of old Jordanian residences. Darat El Funun is a very active center for promotion of the arts for the Middle East and North Africa. Certainly worth your while to spend some time in the leafy gardens sipping a cup of local tea. To get there: as you exit the gate, turn right. Just before the hospital take the set of stairs to your right. At the bottom of the stairs, across the street and slightly to the left is Darat El Funun.

The National Gallery Of Fine Arts

20 minutes on foot to the North of By The Lemon Tree is the NGFA dislocated in two separate buildings across Muntazah Square 

Bait Sitti - ***

Combine gastronomy and fun. Learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal by actually cooking it under the guidance of the chef. Then sit down and enjoy it. Call: 0777 55 77 44

L’Institut Francais

Just off of Paris Square on Kulliat Al Sharia street on the right hand side. Language courses, exhibitions, lectures along with a well stocked library

The Mukhtar’s Bazaar

Bits and pieces, souvenirs, some antiquities but, more fun, a chat with the Mukhtar of Jabel Webdeh himself about the history of Jabel Webdeh and Amman. Located on Paris Circle


At Inta Ana Studio located at number 10 Muntaza Square, by the National Gallery Of Fine Arts. The studio can be reached on foot in 20min, 1.5Km north of By The Lemon Tree

If you want to push farther afield, we suggest

Down town is located 10min on foot from By The Lemon Tree. Essentially, walk out of the main gate and turn right. Just before the hospital take the staircase to your right. At the end of the stair case make a left and immediately take the next set of stairs to the right. This is where Darat El Funun is located. Make your way to the bottom of the stairs and keep going down hill. At every following junction, go down hill. You are downtown.


The Jordan Museum

Now open 5 days a week, it is located by the Amman Municipality. Once you are down town it is a 15min walk towards the West from the Husseini Mosque


The Duke’s Diwan

A bohemian venue that, at the right time of the day, attracts interesting characters from various walks of life. Have a glass of tea and a chat with whomever you come across and take a look at whatever happens to be exhibited. With any luck you will also stumble upon The Duke of Mokhebe: patron of the arts, scholar, bon vivant and a captivating raconteur not to mention your host at this most fascinating venue located in the heart of old Amman a few meters from the Art Hotel.

On Jabel Amman you have:

Wild Jordan

Head quarters of The Royal Society For The Conservation Of Nature. A shop for natural beauty and food products, souvenirs, tshirts and a coffee shop run by the Atico group. Nice views of Amman and Jabel Webdeh.

The Soap House

An old house rehabilitated as shop where you can find natural soaps, creams and scents. There is also a glorious terrace offering city views. When you are done shopping here, you can walk over to Books@Cafe for a drink and a quick bite in an eclectic almost bohemian environment

On the outskirts of Amman you have:

The King Hussein Mosque

This is not strictly a tourist venue but it is worth a visit even if you only get to walk around it from the outside. Depending on whom you stumble upon when visiting, you may be invited to take a tour inside too. 

The Royal Automobile Museum

If you push as far as the King Hussein Mosque, you might as well drop by this museum. It is, of course, just a bunch of cars that have belonged to the Royal family of the Kingdom. Admittedly, this may not sound like an exciting excursion if you are not a petrol head but, to give credit where credit is due, this is a venue that is actually well managed and where they have had the good sense of presenting the vehicles within the context of notable events in the history of the Kingdom

A new guide to Jordan with an artistic slant:

For an interesting and fun day out without busting a gut...

There is a little tour that can easily be undertaken from Amman without having to get up with the cock nor returning late at night. It goes something like this.
Depart Amman at around 9am destination one of the hotels on the Dead Sea (they vary enormously in entry price). Splash about in the Dead Sea for an hour or so, shower and get back into the car.
Drive to the Baptism Site on the Jordan River (15 min). Take the tour
It is now around 2pm
Get back into the car and drive up to Mount Nebo about 30min up the mountain
Have a shufti around the Basilica, take in the view, day dream, count mice...
It is now around 3:30pm
Drive to Madaba (15min) and take in the mosaics at St Geroge's church
At about 4:30pm, leave the church and cross the street on foot
Get a late lunch / early dinner at Haret Jdoudnah (a vintage local residence now a restaurant)
Linger till you are ready to return to Amman
You should comfortably be back by 7:30pm without having busted a gut in the process

A new guide to Jordan with an artistic slant: