What You Do Get

By now you will be aware of what you won't get when you stay By The Lemon Tree. Here is what you do get however: 

Properly functioning toilets, with waste pipes of the proper size that have been laid down with the proper slope. No need to throw used toilet paper in the waste basket when staying with us

By The Lemon Tree, your room rate comprises all costs including the use of air conditioning. The only other possible addition would be Sales Tax at 16% if you are not tax exempt. We do not apply what in Jordan has seemingly become a mandatory Service Charge of 10%

By The Lemon Tree, if you are staying at least 5 nights, we provide you with a courtesy mobile telephone enabled for local calls

By The Lemon Tree you are allowed to purchase food and drink from local retailers and store it in your room or in the common area. You are also allowed to make full use of the kitchen in the common area to cook meals and invite friends and colleagues for dinner

By The Lemon Tree you are allowed to have food delivered from local retailers. In fact, we also give you the telephone number of our choice of restaurants that deliver food

By The Lemon Tree we do not take a fee to arrange your airport transfers. This allows us to not only pass the savings directly to you but it also gives us leeway to change transfer partners if ever we should deem it necessary

By The Lemon Tree you have full use of a washer and a dryer. We also give you detergent

By The Lemon Tree coffee and tea are available throughout the day for you to make a cuppa whenever you may feel the need

All of the above is offered, allowed or encouraged. All we ask is that you make all arrangements directly without asking our intervention