Things That Irritate Me

"Irritate" is not a word I would normally use. In deference to my wife's sharper sense of decency however, it will have to do.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list and I reserve the right to update it as I see fit. So you may wish to check back every so often to see if there is anything new.

Things that irritate me therefore, relate mostly, but are not limited, to hotels and restaurants in Jordan... including what are euphemistically referred to as "5 star hotels"

First off. The thing that really gets my goat is having to throw used toilet paper in the waste basket... This is the 21st century folks. Get your plumbing in order.

Paying over US$17 for a bottle of Corona

Room service order takers that do not know what they have on the menu

When several items on a menu are not available... and you are told after having ordered

Paying a now seemingly mandatory "Service Charge" of 10% over and above the officially mandatory Sales Tax at 16% all added to listed prices thereby increasing your expected spend by at least 26% and more if you pay cash

Not getting exact change back when paying cash which, by the way, arbitrarily increases Service Charge. This happens in all 5 star hotels incidentally, with surprising frequency.

When sitting down to order at a restaurant, getting a bottle of water you did not ask for and having to pay for it

How every "new" restaurant peddles exactly the same hamburgers, mozzarella sticks, penne arrabbiata (always misspelled) or fettuccine Alfredo (always misspelled and miscooked too, if that is a word) or "pizza"

The other thing that really, really pisses me off is how marketing is understood to be the ability to use hyperbole to embellish, in order to over-promise, whilst always under-delivering. In that regard, By The Lemon Tree is not going to be your “home away from home” because that is trite. Likewise, we are not located in the “heart of Amman”, nor are we a “stone throw away” or “ideally” located for anything in particular. We don’t promise you “lavish” accommodation or “sumptuous” food in an “unforgettable” setting. In that light, By The Lemon Tree is not the "perfect" place for whatever. If that is what you are looking for, there are any number of real hotels in Amman that promise you any of the above and, depending on your frame of reference, you may actually believe it too.

By The Lemon Tree is located in Jabel Webdeh where we offer no nonsense, practical and functional accommodation. No chocolates on pillows at sun down nor cheap disposable slippers or ill fitting robes if you stay here then.