Do Pay Attention


By The Lemon Tree is not a hotel. Although we offer furnished rooms to let, there is no reception, no switchboard nor telephone operator nor, indeed, are there telephones in the rooms nor a reservations department or Bell Boys to greet you upon your arrival. 

Effectively, this means that your bed will not be turned down at sunset and, therefore, that you won't get a chocolate on your pillow. 

By the Lemon Tree is our home. We live on the ground floor whilst the rooms are arranged on the upper floors accessible through a separate entrance. 

Staying By The Lemon Tree therefore requires that you are fully independent... for everything...

Since there is no superfluous staff, you are requested to inform us of your time of arrival so we may meet you at the gate to let you in. Keep in mind that we understand that sometimes you may be held up or will miss your flight. Communication therefore is important so we too may plan our days and evenings.

The telephone number displayed in the left hand column is my personal number. Unless you are staying with us AND have an emergency, you are not going to call me after 19:00Hrs Amman time. Not only that but you are not going to give my number to your friends, family, colleagues or pizza delivery boys as a contact for you whilst staying By The Lemon Tree.

If you are staying at least 5 nights, we can provide you with a courtesy mobile phone enabled for local calls


Street addresses are not in use in Jordan. Unless you are going to a major venue, taxi drivers will need to be directed by you which means that you must already know where you are going.  That said, Uber and the regional variation, Careem, work relatively well and are very convenient.

Pay attention because other than the street number, there are no signs or blinking neon arrows that indicate By The Lemon Tree on our door and the reason there is no sign on our door is because.... anyone?.... Because this is not a hotel.

Alternatively, if you intend to catch a cab from the airport or one of the bridges, we suggest you allow us to send you a taxi from our partner office here in Amman. In order to arrange a transfer with our partner office, forward your flight/arrival details to us three days prior to your arrival. You may also avail yourself of the services of our transfer partner regardless of whether you are staying By The Lemon Tree or not - contact Mansour: 079 552 6617 - As an example, airport pick up and transfer By The Lemon Tree is JD25. 

Whatever you do, do refrain from accosting pedestrians in the vicinity of our home to ask where the "hotel" is. More importantly, do not go to the police station on our street to enquire where the "hotel" is. And please refrain from telling your driver to take you to the Lemon Tree "Hotel"; you will confuse him to no practical end.

Note too that Mansour can also arrange tours of the Kingdom or provide a rental car if you wish to drive yourself.

inally, if you suffer from allergies, do remember that there are several dogs and cats on the premises and that some of our guests may have pets too.
Did we mention we won't invite you to breakfast on Friday? Because we won't you see. Seriously. We kid you not.

Do note there is no lift in the building and breakfast is not prepared on Friday, Christmas Day, New Year's Day or Easter (Catholic). 
Whilst you are at it, for your own personal comfort, do acquaint yourself with the "Warning" too.

About reviews in the public domain

Positive reviews are unnecessary and discouraged. If your stay with us was satisfactory, we would prefer you keep the information to yourself and, eventually, share it only with people you know personally. We are not interested in highlighting By The Lemon Tree to strangers far and wide and, if you intend to ever return to stay with us, you should not be either.

In the event your stay should not have been satisfactory however, we warmly encourage you to take your gripe to public fora. This will enable us to engage in snide but erudite recrimination thereby not only amusing the peanut gallery but also helping us to keep strangers at bay.

Everyone wins!

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