If you intend to only visit the main sites in Jordan, you will find numerous good tour operators that can arrange visits for you.

On the other hand, if you wish to do something different and/or more active we can arrange the following activities:

If you enjoy running, you can join me on Friday morning and one or two other times during the week for short 8 to 12 Km runs around town. For Trail Running enthusiasts, there are two unmissable events yearly. There is the Full Moon Desert Marathon in May, the Mad Dog Desert Marathon in August. Another rather fun event is the Dead2Red Relay Race.  We can guarantee entry in all of them. 

Usually held in February in cooperation with Paradrenalin of France, we are bringing skydiving to Wadi Rum. Confirmed skydivers, tandem jumps and PAC (equivalent AFF) courses available.

 Full Moon Desert Marathon    
 Paragliding     Mad Dog Desert Marathon

 2012 Full Moon Desert Marathon 4x4 Excrusions

  Flying over the Dead Sea

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