A note about tourists and children

If you are coming to Jordan for tourism and relaxation, By The Lemon Tree may not be a suitable choice for accommodation. 

By The Lemon Tree is not a hotel nor, indeed, is it a resort. This is a private residence. As private residence therefore, we are not equipped to provide tourists with the services and support they require. We don't have maps of the country for example nor do we have maps of the city. We don't have a restaurant and neither is there a reception desk manned 24/7. Most importantly too, we are not travel consultants so that you cannot count on us to advise you on where to go, what to visit nor, indeed, are we going to jot down on a piece of paper detailed directions to get to your chosen attraction. Since we are at it, do note too that although there is a washing machine available for your use, we won't do your laundry either.

Guests By The Lemon Tree have to be fully self sufficient, MUST know what they wish to do and how to get there before they come to us. 

Similarly, By The Lemon Tree is not equipped to host children. 

Guests staying By The Lemon Tree are by and large professionals that are here in Amman for work. 

The environment, the art work, the antiques, the space and, not to put too fine a point on it, the owners of By The Lemon Tree are therefore not designed nor disposed, frankly, to accommodate the needs of young energetic children.

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