A little history

We are Italians adopted by Jordan. My grandfather arrived in what is today Jordan in 1921 to build the Italian hospital which is still in operation today. Till the 50s the Italian hospital was the only facility of its kind east of the river Jordan till Baghdad. Most Jordanians born in a hospital before 1970 were born at the Italian hospital.

Our home is located in one of the older parts of Amman; Jabel Webdeh. In the 50s Jabel Webdeh was the new area of town which was then gradually abandoned in the 80s and 90s for newer areas. Jabel Webdeh is currently undergoing a revival.

Our building is adjacent to the Italian embassy and is located 200m from the French Cultural Center and is within walking distance of the two most prominent art galleries in Amman: The Gallery of Fine Arts and Darat El Funun. Within walking distance are also a handful of cafes, some antique stores and relatively well stocked convenience stores. Down town is 15min walk away (Husseini Mosque, Hashem Restaurant, Auberge Restaurant, Duke's Diwan, Central Post Office) and the Rainbow Street area is 25min away but there is a steep hill to get there on foot. The guest rooms are on the upper floors of our home. We live downstairs at garden level. We have several cats and dogs indoors and outdoors.

 The very early days of the hospital in Amman    
  My grandfather Dr. Fausto Tesio    
 My grandfather and my mother in Amman ca. 1933

 The 50s    
 The hospital today        
Commemorative street name in honour of my grandfather