By The Lemon Tree Furnished Rooms

Convivial, pet friendly accommodation for daily or long term rental
In Jordan, it is difficult to rent accommodation for anything under 6 months and, even then, not only will you be asked to pay in advance but you will also have to run around town to connect utilities or purchase heating fuel in your name 
Moreover, if you happen to be travelling with your four legged friend, it will be that much harder to find short term accommodation 
By The Lemon Tree you will find pet friendly furnished accommodation ready to move in. Rent for one day or one year. No fuss, no muss
From Saturday to Thursday we also invite you to our family breakfast. On Friday however, you'll have to sort yourself out
Since we are at it, we won't invite you to breakfast on Christmas day and New Year day either, as we'll be sleeping off the effects of the prior day's celebrations

Outstanding value for December 2014 
JOD60.00 per night single occupancy 
JOD70.00 per night double occupancy 
Sales Tax of 16% will be added unless you are tax exempt
If paid in advance, we will extend a 10% rebate after the 10th night and 15% after the 30th night - rebates also extended in exchange for fine Usquebaugh or Gascony Elixir

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