By The Lemon Tree Furnished Rooms


By The Lemon Tree IS NOT a hotel

There is no switchboard, no land-lines, no concierge, no restaurant and there is most certainly no gift-shop nor is there a reception.

By The Lemon Tree is a private residence offering furnished and equipped accommodation for short or long-term stays.

We also have 4 dogs, 12 cats, 3 tortoises and sundry birds.




Convivial, pet friendly accommodation
for daily or long term rental

Except on Fridays, we will also offer you an enhanced Continental breakfast from 7:30am in the common area
Note that other than Friday, breakfast will not be prepared on major holidays - Christmas day, New Year day and Easter (Catholic), as we'll be weathering the effects of the prior day's celebrations

Accommodation consists of en-suite rooms comfortable for up to 2 people. We also offer high capacity Wi-Fi, bottled water, all day tea & coffee, a washing machine along with the necessary detergent, a dryer, a glorious roof terrace and some exercise equipment.

The necessary requirement to stay By The Lemon Tree is that you must be self-sufficient. Once again. This is not a hotel so you need a large degree of independence if you wish to stay with us.

By The Lemon Tree is not going to be your “home away from home” because only your home can be that. Likewise, we are not located in the “heart of Amman”, nor are we a “stone throw away” or “ideally” located for anything in particular. We don’t promise you “lavish” accommodation or “sumptuous” food in an “unforgettable” setting.

If that is what you are looking for, there are any number of hotels in Amman that promise you that. 

By The Lemon Tree is located in Jabel Webdeh where we offer no nonsense, practical and functional accommodation. No chocolates on your pillow at sun down therefore.

We guarantee price transparency and we guarantee you are not going to be treated like an ATM. For everything else, the environment By The Lemon Tree is informal, personable, convivial and, hopefully, clean and efficient, offering you privacy when you need it or allowing you a spot of interaction if you want it.

In closing, a word to the wise. If you are a high strung executive on holiday hoping to find a place where staff can be obsequious and submissive, By The Lemon Tree is probably not your ideal choice

 With that out of the way, here is us:


Quantum Pontificator, Chief Executive Window Washer & Master Hole Plugger. Unique qualifications that only few pointed specialists in the world can reasonably hope to achieve


 Lease Rates  

Rates start at:
 US$100 per day for single occupancy
Unless you are tax exempt, 16% Sales Tax will be added
Ask us about long term rates 

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