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By The Lemon Tree

This is not a hotel

By The Lemon Tree is not a hotel. Other than the building number, there are no external signs, billboards or blinking neon arrows indicating our building offers residential accommodation. Do not tell drivers, car rental companies, travel agents or pizza delivery boys that we are a hotel. We cannot insist strongly enough that WE ARE NOT A HOTEL therefore THERE ARE NO SIGNS ON THE BUILDING, ON THE DOOR OR IN THE STREET. 

When giving directions to sundry taxi drivers to come By The Lemon Tree, tell them you have rented an apartment in an apartment building next to the Italian embassy in the area of Amman called Jabel Webdeh. If the Italian embassy does not ring a bell with your driver (as it probably won't), then mention Paris Square pronounced "Dooar Baris" in Arabic.

Similarly, since we are not a hotel, there is no reception desk, no telephone operator nor reservations department and your bed won't be turned down at sun set which, in turn, means no chocolate on your pillow. And, nope, there is no room service either so you'll have to walk to the common area to make yourself a cuppa joe. Despite not offering these redundant services nor, indeed, cheap slippers, what we do offer is more practical and of higher quality. Included in the rate, in the common area you will find such practical things as washing machine detergent along more pleasant items such as Illy Coffee for espresso and good quality olive oil for your use if you wish to prepare something to eat. Water is offered too of course. 

Since there is no reception desk nor reservations department, the telephone number visible in the left hand column of this page is my personal telephone number. Calling me at all hours of the night to ask if there is a vacancy will not endear you to yours truly. Inquiries by email therefore, are preferred; but confirmations of booking must occur by email.

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